Approved Return to Scouting

[Updated 6th January 2021]

We are currently at RED and no face to face meetings (young people or adults) are allowed.

A number of COVID-19 Return to Scouting Risk Assessments for Red to Amber have been previously approved in The Malverns District for certain dates/activities and some with particular constraints. At the current date, only the following Red to Amber Risk Assessments for Sections had been approved (some have subsequently lapsed):

1st Cradley                     Cubs

1st Leigh                         Beavers, Cubs and Scouts

1st Malvern                    Beavers, Cubs and Scouts

1st Malvern Link           Scouts

1st Malvern Wells         Scouts

1st Upton on Severn     Cubs and Scouts

2nd Malvern                   Cubs (Rayleigh Pack), Scouts (Scott Troop & Shackleton Troop)

7th Malvern                    Beavers and Cubs

Explorers                        Phoenix ESU, Beacon ESU

No other Sections are allowed any face to face meetings under the current rules of The Scout Association.